Spring is in the air

Steady undercurrent pushing us to grow.

A letting go time

As we crack open to the new being born.

The old ways of being

Have become intolerable to stomach.

White flower petals cover my path

Like a wedding or coronation has just passed by.

Birds singing and fighting

Showing off whatever they’ve got.

Shouldn’t I feel happy

With all of this life and beauty around me?

My feet want to run

Feeling good at first and then suddenly too much.

Maybe if I breathe

This anxiety will give way to excitement.

Is this heaviness even mine?

So many around me are going through pain.

Strange place of in-between

Is it better to take it easy or rest—less?

Just take the step you are on

I hear whispered in my ear, you know what to do.

First find my ground.

Roots make it much easier to grow up.

Be still a moment.

Listen for the pull of the next right action.

How am I feeling?

Am I okay with what I need to do?

Why do I care?

Does love want me to follow through on this?

How can I help?

Is there something only I can see or be?

What’s highest and best?

Can I let go of the outcome and show up in trust?

Reach out my hand.

As an offering to you, so we can grow together.

Maybe this in-between space

Feels stronger when it’s calling us to connect to each other.

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