Right to Be Me

I have spent a lifetime

Seeking answers to "what’s wrong with me?"

I became a doctor for F-sake.

Somewhere along the way I lost track

“What’s wrong with me?” is the wrong question.

The question became what’s wrong with me.

I have notice the universe works like that,

“What you seek, ye shall find.”

So what is a better question to ask?

Aubrey, what do you love?

About you?

About others?

About this world?

Those questions make my heart engage,

Helping my power return to where it belongs.

The universe might actually be saying,

“As You Wish.”


It can be so hard,

This infuriating responsibility for my own mental state.

As if I could really ever truly control my mind.

Somehow, my heart seems to know what to do

Just ahead of my mind catching up.

As long as I stay open to love.


There is only one me in this universe.

One cosmic event of my beauty, gifts, lineage and expression.

I am inherently miraculous.

My fear mind has never been able to tolerate miracles well.

My love mind drinks them in, to nourish my soul.

I have the right to be me.

I Am Right To Be Me.

We all have the right to be.

My heart to your heart with reverence,

Thank you for being the uniquely amazing expression of you.

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