Saying Goodbye

You hid me from life

And this kept me safe.

Thank you.

You embodied the weight of me

Keeping me closer to the ground.

Thank you.

You carried so much

To keep others content with me.

Thank you.

You showed my softness to others

Forcing me to acknowledge it.

Thank you.

You kept my mind busy and distracted

With your cravings, moods and reactions.

I don’t miss that.

You held me back

From feeling like a success.

No more.

I am ready now.

To let you go.

For good.

Sadness rises.

We have been together

A very long time.

You arrived at one of my 

Hardest times

And stayed with me

Through so much change.

I found a home in you.


Life IS Change.

This river has become


A lighter use of power

And Being Seen

Will serve me better now.

I am scared.


Grace abounds.


Thanks again!

(A sigh of relief as the door closes

For the last time)

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