Soul's Domain

It is natural in the body

For one cell to dominate and inhibit another.

You might remember from high school science

Mendel’s dominant and recessive traits.

This dominance started at the foundation

Of your first moments in a body.

Did you pick the brown eyes from your ancestral library?

Or blue? Or green? Or gold?

It developed in your body’ chosen expressions:

Height, strength, sexual equipment, nose shape, skin color.

Your immune cells were taught to

Recognize and conquer invaders before you were walking.

Every cell in your body has been under surveillance itself,

Expressing participation in the union, upon fear of death.

Your brain cells keep careful control of your thoughts.

The stronger and more practiced circuits dominate the weaker ones.

Any athlete, artist, or rocket scientist knows this.

They harness this practice to grow stronger or refine their work.

If you’d like to see what you’ve practiced most

Listen to the voices in your head when you try something new.


So why do I feel so appalled and upset

When I see people try to dominate and suppress one another?

We’ve been doing it throughout history.

From our first moments in bodies.

Even some of the other kingdoms: plants, fungi and bacteria do this.

Shouldn’t I just think this is a natural way to be?

Humans have become dominant

Over the plant and animal kingdoms for sure.

But, Bacteria, Fungi, Protista and Algae have us in the numbers.

They also require very little to thrive.

I feel somewhat less upset thinking

That humans will lose this dominance game by the end.


Unlike humans, nature cooperates

Without thought or hesitation.

Life and death are day to day.

The rise of one species, supports the rise of another.

I doubt the rabbit being eaten by the wolf

Is thinking about the harmonic cycles of balance.

But, that cooperation can be seen

When you look across the whole natural System.

Why can’t humans find that same level

Of cooperation across our systems?

What is it about our evolutionary development

That has thrown off the entire worldly balance?


Man has evolved self-awareness—an ego.

And with it, we’ve developed language, agendas, values and use of power.

There is no right and wrong for my dog or cat.

There are no greedy horses, or power-hungry lions.

I don’t see birds appreciating works of art,

Or ants planning for future returns on their investments.

The cetaceans I have met, are clearly self-aware

But their agendas have remained cooperative and sustain the planet.

Why are we, as a species, in such a battle?

Could it be that we are needing to evolve THROUGH our ego?

Is there an aspect of us that could dominate our self-awareness

And inhibit the expressions of the ego when appropriate?

Perhaps this is the Soul’s Domain.

Just a few musings to put in your pocket for later.