The Shapes of You

Science has demonstrated the impact of

Geometry on water.

A sphere, placed in plain old water in light

Will generate a torus of moving water molecules!

A cylinder will act on water to

Create a steady flow without need for a generating force!

Is it the properties of the water that create

This impact?

Yes, Most likely.

Or maybe the field the water molecules respond to?

Sound through a sand plate creates geometric structures dependent on frequency.

Those scientists didn’t try placing a pyramid into the water.

Or a Merkaba.

Or a Pentagram.

I wonder what “work” those shapes

Would generate?

We are 65% water.

Kind of like an ocean, zipped up and mobile.

What about the shapes of us?

Inside we are tiny spheres and tubes.

Fed by light, food and maybe directed by our own energy field?

I wonder what happens to a human energy field

When we generate a geometric shape into it?

My guides had me start doing a particular mediation for many months now.

Every day I draw Star of David shape at the level of my heart center:

Defining my masculine values: Wisdom, Compassion, Humility, Love, Truth, Unity

And a sphere of flower petals around it:

Defining my feminine values: Beauty, Harmony, Truth, Peace, Love, Trust

I know I feel different and better when I do the meditation.

I wonder what this does to the collective energy field around me?

Have you ever thought about which geometric shapes you prefer?

What are the Shapes of You?

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