The Tyranny of Small Things


I’ve decided to start my own acronym.

The Tyranny of Small Things

Too many to keep a list now.

I have grown past

My capacity to do it alone.

Without stunting my growth.

Tasks and details pop up

Like mushrooms on the lawn

Sudden hints of a deeper system going on.

You down with TTST?

Ya, you know me!

Maybe these small things

Foster the web of connection

Like fungi supporting the plants.

Can I see them as helpful,

Rather than overwhelming

Or excuses for my shortcomings?


Building a web between you and me.

Fungi degrade the dead

Digesting what’s toxic into soil

For their own agenda.

Have vigilance to not let them

Take over the place

Or it’s itchy business.


Better get that checked out.

What is the balance

Between growth and decay?

What are the tasks I have for today?

Not too many

And not too few

Life is having something to do.

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