Things Got Really Good

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Once Upon a Time there was a person.

S/he live in a place that was dirty and chaotic.

This made her strong.

S/he danced with the wind in the trees.

S/he swam in the rivers and basked in the sun.

S/he knew effortless gratitude

because it came easily when the chaos subsided.

Then s/he grew.

And the world grew.

Things got cleaned up and complicated.

Gratitude became harder to find.

Life became about counting and measurement.

And striving to be right.

S/he found love and created a family.

When s/he fell, s/he got up and built again.

S/he learned and learned and

Things got really good.

Gratitude became a practice.

Structure became her solace.

The light within her was able to shine.

As s/he grew more luminous, others came.

Many seeking her light for themselves

Not realizing they had their own.

At first this was hard.

But, with practice it got easier to reflect

Their light back to them

And things got really good.

Gratitude came easily all the time.

It was an effort not to smile all day.

More and more others came

Drawn to the big party lights

Waves of celebration rippled across the sky

Giving birth to something completely new.

The End (Beginning)

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