Weaning the Darkness

My breasts ache.

I am raw.

My body moves on.

Following natural law without hesitation.

For so long

I have fed the lies.

They shared my mother’s womb.

I submitted to them as a child.

As an adolescent, taking them into my head.

And as an adult, into my bed.

Inviting them into my home as a mother

Thinking I was protecting my precious family.

Giving them my money, time and energy

To become a doctor and a success.

No more.

I have known my Truth

Since before I was born.

I have not forgotten it.

I have kept it alive in me.

It has kept me alive too.

I will feed my truth instead.

I will give it my money, time and energy,

Letting it guide my steps.

It will free my family

to protect themselves.

It is welcome in my body and my bed.

It brings soothing Peace to my busy head.

My child is finally set free

To express what she’s always wanted to be.

I welcome this pain and rawness.

They are the evidence of the change.

Thank you body for showing me

The natural way to let go.

And Yes, darkness

It’s time for you to grow up.

Don’t worry,

I know the way.

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