Whale Then

Sometimes when my heart

Gets lost in the fog,

And the sun rays of joy

Can’t find their way through

I remember Alaska,

On the open water

Sunshine raining down

Anywhere the clouds made space.

Deep blue, cold water

Crisp chill of wind on my face.

Nothing but water, birds and seals

for a long time___then he came.

He leapt into the air

Splashing onto his back,


Over twice the length of the boat.

He leapt again,

Close to us now.

Pure power

Pure control

Pure grace

This was for me.

This was why we had come.

Tears burst out of me,

Unaware of a longing suddenly met.

He rolled up to the surface,

His great fin striking the water

Over and over he struck

Each clap breaking up the iceberg in my heart.


No going back now, I’m cracked open.

I remember you.

I remember me.

I accept this death to my way of seeing the world

And this rebirth of ancient knowing.


Some memories are so vivid

Like a time loop to a past anchor point.

I remember.

Nothing but water, birds and seals for awhile now.

Here he comes again.

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